Hospitality 4 legged friends Hospitality 4 legged friends

Hospitality 4 legged friends

Hospitality 4 legged friends

In our hotel four-legged friends are welcome.

Our hotel has always accepted pets (dogs, cats, etc.), but for the respect of the other guests and for common standards of hygiene, owners must respect the rules below.

The surcharge for a small domestic guest amounts to 15 euros per night.

The surcharge for a medium domestic guest amounts to 30 euros per night.

The fee is necessary to cover the cost of additional cleaning of the rooms.

To ensure you and your pet a good stay, please read our regulation.

Rules for guests with pets:

  • The presence of the pet must be notified at booking or at check-in.
  • The management has the right to accept or not the 4 legged host at his own discretion, and in any case if there is a compliant as stated by the customer.
  • Only pets (dogs and cats) of small and medium size are allowed.
  • 4 legged guests must remain on the floor not in the arms and always with the lead both inside the hotel both in outdoor areas of relevance (parking, garden).
  • The customer must be properly equipped for the welfare of his 4 legs friend.
  • Any use of bed and bath linen for the 4 legged guest is forbidden (grooming, beds or more).
  • It is absolutely forbidden to climb away the pet on the bed, sofa, chairs, tables, etc.
  • The pet behavior must be managed by its owner in order to don’t disturb other guests.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to leave pets alone in the room throughout the stay (day and night).
  • It is absolutely forbidden to bring any 4 legged friends in the restaurant hall.
  • Restrict the most of time spent with the pet in the reception area.
  • Any kind of damage made by the pet will be paid by the guest.