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Four-star Hotel in Pompeii

Hotel Pompei Resort, a popular four-star hotel, is in the fascinating city of Pompeii.

Comfort, professionalism and a pleasant stay are the key features of which relies Hotel Pompei Resort, offering its guests hospitality, friendly staff and a stay in elegant and refined.

The hotel has 55 rooms, perfectly furnished and with every type of service, in order to give the customer everything that can meet their needs. Luxury end junior suites are available to anyone who wants to live a truly deluxe stay.

The Restaurant LeScerì offers dishes that is a perfect mix between the tradition and international cuisine. A great coffee in the Garden Resort, will give you unforgettable moments, such as the breath-taking view of Mount Vesuvius, from the balcony of your room.

The main feature of the beautiful Hotel Pompei Resort is the location: the city center and the archaeological excavations are within walking distance, as well as the main means of transport. The Circumvesuviana, the State Railways as well as the entrance of the “highway” are all near the hotel.

Choose the excellence at Hotel Pompei Resort

Treat yourself to a dream vacation.

What we can offer

Wonderful experience!
We guarantee a top level stay.
Excellent staff
We give you 24-Hour assistance service.
Easy accessibility
Getting to the hotel is very easy.
Proximity to the excavations
We are close to Pompeii ruins.