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Visiting Ancient Pompeii let you discover 79 AD Roman life style. A common citizen lived inside the urban perimeter, in small houses.


Ancient Pompeii discovery: even history is exciting just like an Indiana Jones movie. Let’s visualize the moment of the first excavations.

Shrine of Pompeii

Pompeii is tle place of excavations, but also many other things. A visit to this corner of the world in Campania will be memorable.

Hotel Pompei Resort blog - Sunday at the Museum

Every first Sunday of the month you can visit for free monuments, museums, galleries, archaeological sites, parks and gardens in Italy, including the archaeological site of Pompeii.

Hotel Pompei Resort blog - Art light Salerno

At Christmas time go from Pompeii to Salerno and immerse yourself in the narrow streets of the medieval old town, illuminated by a sea of illuminations (Luci d'Artista Salerno).

Hotel Pompei Resort blog - San Gregorio Armeno Napoli

At Christmas time going from Pompeii to Christmas markets in Naples it is the opportunity to shop and discover the unique tradition of Neapolitan crib art.

Shrine of Pompeii

The Shrine of Pompeii is a pilgrimage destination for four million faithful each year making it one of the hubs of the main Marian tours in Italy and Europe.

Hotel Pompei Resort blog - Vesuvius observatory

First national observatory to have studied the volcanic and meteorological phenomena, the first to have installed a seismograph today serves as a volcanological museum.

Hotel Pompei Resort - exterior view

Each year Pompeii attracts millions of visitors to the excavations and is a city full of hotels. Among the many hotels in Pompeii stands our beautiful Hotel Pompei Resort.